Crocodile Scissors, part of TACO! DreamsTimeFree publication, 2021


this morning he asked if the skin on his thumb was dead yet?
it was 5.30 am and he’d been cradling his thumb since yesterday afternoon I tried to respond without using the word dead
about a cm of skin was hanging off of his left hand

he asked if I could cut the skin off using his crocodile scissors I said I didn’t think that was a very good idea

he tugged and tore the flap off screaming and threw it on my bed

I’ve been collecting horsehair for about a year now it feels synthetic and sometimes smells like piss

I can always tell if the hair has come from a gelding or a mare by its smell
the gelding’s hair doesn’t smell like urine. this is because their urethra is located under the stomachs

To get the hair i introduce myself by lowering my head and walk slowly towards the horse
I breath into their nostrils offering my hand at the same time
I then run my hand down their neck, along their back and slowly down their quarters. if they’ve not moved by this point there is a mutual trust

I use scissors to cut approximately a foot off of their tail. its like nylon, if the scissors arnt sharp enough it can take a couple of attempts

this clumsy cut it feels how the cutting of an umbilical cord looked